Company Profile

Incorporated in 1997, Güneşli A.Ş. is involved with the import, export and manufacturing operations concerning Veterinary pharmaceuticals Products, and is at the same time realizing distribution of any and all kinds of imported and local products through sales channels delivering services with respect to animal health. In respect of timely and uninterrupted supply of the products manufactured by the international corporations it is representing, to the concerned sectors in Turkey, Güneşli A.Ş. has included the status of Veterinarian Pharmaceutical Products Depot , and is duly providing for Veterinarian Biological Products cold chain conditions under its own refrigerated warehousing facilities, and Cold chain storage conditions with respect to Veterinarian Medicinal Products.

Güneşli A.Ş. is conducting its operations within framework of Veterinarian Services, Plant Health, Food and Animal Food Law Number 5996 it is associated with, as well as under ISO 9001:2008 standards and Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

Güneşli A.Ş. is a member of VİSAD.